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Instagram Marketing
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10 years ago, Marketing on Instagram would have been unimaginable. But with the steady flow of time, rapid changes in consumer behavior, and the constant up-gradation of technology, Instagram is currently the “Centre of Attraction” for all business owners and marketers when it comes to Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing specifically. Brand awareness, customer connection, and providing value to the customers, all such checklists are being met while using Instagram by Marketers and business owners. This Blogpost would clear your doubts on Why Use Instagram Marketing and How providing you with a comprehensive guide and easy-to-remember digital world theories on Instagram Marketing.

Nowadays, many Start-Ups and Brands have been growing and selling their products through Instagram only. Instagram also helps its users to connect with their preferred content creators through its versatile algorithm. The Shop Now feature has made Instagram a new stop for start-ups now.

Online shopping, which includes all the shoppable social media, is the new trend now. From groceries to clothes, there is literally everything you can buy everything online.

Around 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. Instagram is a free platform with immense number of possibilities. People are now buying products through Instagram directly.

Instagram made a stupendous amount of $20 Billion in 2019 from advertising, more than Youtube’s $15.1 Billion. This explains the massive impact and usage of Instagram by Marketers and Business owners. Let’s understand what makes Instagram so successful when it comes to running advertisements and let’s dive deeper into the fundamentals of digital marketing to understand Why Use Instagram Marketing to run successful businesses and brands that matter.

Introducing the Fest Model: Instagram Marketing

Instagram’s FEST Model

The success of Instagram is behind its “FEST” Model. Instagram creates a digital “Fest” for the users, in fact, it creates the largest “Fest” irrespective of its digital nature. I have stated the “Fest” module not only in its literal sense but as abbreviations for easy memorization. FEST denotes the fundamentals of Instagram’s importance in Marketing and Advertising i.e. Friendly User Interface, Enormous Userbase, Suits the Eye, and Truly Social. Let us have a detailed outlook on this “Fest” model of Instagram-

Now having a detailed insight about Why Use Instagram Marketing, we know that Instagram Marketing can give us the results marketers seek for the growth of any brand. Also, not only the growth perspective, the enormous userbase of Instagram makes it necessary for any business owner to be operational on the application to make connections with the customers or users, absence of which can create a negative impact on the Brand Value.

  • Friendly UI– The F of Fest is for the Friendly User Interface Instagram haves for its users. The App has always made changes to make it as easier as possible for the user to navigate through different tabs and sections of the application. Every service and feature of Instagram is easily accessible and the buttons are placed at the right positions for the user to access. Despite making huge amounts of money via advertisements, Instagram never compromises with its friendly user interface which doesn’t discomfort the user by simultaneous ads. This one aspect gives Instagram a big edge over other social media applications.
  • Enormous UserbaseInstagram is the ideal destination for sharing photos and videos of our life moments, and since its inception, has constantly gained popularity at rocket speed. Currently, there are approximately 1.16 billion monthly users active on the site with daily users spending on average 8 minutes on the application and around 500 million use stories. These numbers show a glimpse of activity happening on the application every day. This is the one aspect that made Instagram the world’s largest Fest with people from all around the globe.
  • Suits the Eye–  Instagram has always been the ultimate platform for showcasing our looks, life moments, and everything where there is a photograph. This Digital Museum has the widest range of displays inclusive of almost everything. Instagram has always been good to the eye. A user can easily float around to watch people, products, sceneries, anything which he or she finds worth spending time watching. Whatever content is posted on Instagram, only which is more liked and engaged with is pushed more by the app algorithm, subscribing to the fact that whatever suits the eye, is seen more on Instagram. And yes, it is whatever suits your eye, would be highly visible to you, another feature that makes Instagram stand apart by giving targeted leads via targeted audience in advertising.
  • Truly SocialThis aspect forms the core of Instagram’s success. This social media app sticks to being truly social by connecting people with each other. Like, share, comments, messaging, sharing stories, all such features of this app make it the perfect social connectivity platform for people of all genres by sharing photos of whatever they like as well engaging with each other through different tabs or features of the application. People can easily connect and engage with brands, give product reviews, and can also keep their profiles private if they wish to. The application makes changes in its structure or algorithm keeping in mind that the social connectivity aspect is not missed or lagged behind other services since its forms the true fundamentals of any social media website or application.

In this technology-driven era, almost every business owner having a larger market or aims to make one has an Instagram profile of their business which is used to promote their products or services. The use of Social Media platforms particularly those which are part of people’s lives is not just important to grow your business but is rather an inseparable part of any Online Marketing which is incomplete without the usage of social media.

Let’s understand the applicability of Instagram Marketing i.e. How to use Instagram Marketing? For decoding this question in an easy-to-memorize manner, I have formulated the “BEST” Instagram Marketing Strategy for marketers and business owners. Not it’s just BEST in the literal sense, but another set of abbreviations to help you summarize the methods and tricks for using Instagram Marketing in growing your business. BEST is broken down to Build Value, Establish Connection, Showcase Uniqueness, Trust Creation & Maintainability. This is described in detail here-

  • Build Value- For any business to make space in this highly competitive market, it has to create some kind of value in the customer’s life. Building Value here is not just by the products or services sold, but by the Content used in social media platforms like Instagram. As mentioned above, Instagram promotes content that suits the eye or rather liked by the viewer, there should be some kind of value present in the content for the viewer. It may or may not be related to the particular product or service the business is done of but should be directly related to the targeted audience or potential buyers. Value can be entertaining, informative, raising awareness, or of any kind, but there must be a reason for the audience to spend their time on your Instagram profile. The Building Value of your brand or business is the first and most important step to be taken by Marketers and business owners for successful Instagram Marketing.
  • Establish Connection- The second point to be kept in mind is that to establish connections with the viewers. Giving shoutouts, giveaways, sharing user-generated content, interactive posts, quiz stories, are some of the tricks any business can use to establish strong connections with the viewers or followers, to increase sales. If the viewer does not feel connected to your brand or business, he might not feel the urge to buy your product or service. Remember the truly social aspect of Instagram. Every social media platform is created on the principle of providing connectivity, and thus making connections with the consumer is of utmost importance to boost sales. The more connections you have, the more chances of getting buyers from these connections.
  • Showcase Uniqueness- Your Instagram profile should not be a catalog of your services or products, but be presented in a manner that showcases the uniqueness of your services or products. There are millions of business pages and profiles on Instagram, and people might get bored with the same display of repeated products or services. Your Business profile should give a reason to the viewer to follow and engage with your profile, indirectly subscribing to become a buyer. Owing to the massive numbers, providing the same repetitive display of a particular niche of products or services, can buzz off your potential buyers. Remember, it is not necessary your product or service should be unique from the category in the market, but the display of your business on Instagram should be unique to beat the competition.
  • Trust Creation & Maintenance- The final step which will convert your followers or audience into buyers is the creation and maintenance of TRUST. Asking constant reviews, applying transparency, actively applying any suggested changes in the product or service by the viewer, asking for product ideas, are some ways by which Trust can be built with the potential buyers. And not just creating Trust to sell your product or service once, but keeping the customer trust or faith in your business is equally essential. The core principle of social media platforms is connectivity and connectivity cannot be fruitful without Trust. Just like Instagram has maintained the Trust of the users worldwide by putting the user-comfort as its priority, your brand should follow the same.

These steps are a must-follow for every business or marketer in order to boost their online presence via Instagram. The key here is not the uniqueness or development of your product or service, but the display of the same on your Instagram profile.

 Currently, there are two types of Marketing on Instagram-

  • Instagram Promotion: Instagram has a dynamic range of customization in its promotions. You can choose and create your target audience and advertise to only those who are related to or interested in your niche.
  • Collaborations: Many businesses collaborate with Influencers/Models on Instagram to promote their business. These Influencers/Models have a large number of followers who can become your potential buyers since they are connected to such Influencers/Models and have trust in them.

Instagram promotion is a great tool to promote your content across the world and increase engagement with your content.

Let’s learn how to create an Instagram promotion, step by step:

  1. Select the Promote option next to your post.
  2. You can either let Instagram create the target audience according to your profile’s preferences or you can create your own custom target audience.
  3. You can select the region, age, sex, and interests of the audience with the customization. You can also save your custom-created audience and save it for future use.
  4. Now you can select the budget of your promotion for each day. You can select the duration of a promotion from 1 to 365 days.

Here are some features or tabs provided by Instagram to help you keep track of and increase your reach on the application-

Insights: This feature helps you to keep a track of your promotion’s engagement and it also helps you to create a better promotion next time.

Engagement: The key to online marketing is to interact with your audience through stories, reels, posts, and IGTV. You can create polls and quizzes so that your followers could participate and interact with your content.

Hashtags: Search for popular hashtags which go with your content. Hashtags are a great way to increase your reach. Use at least five powerful hashtags in your post.

Collaborate: Collaborate with creators and influencers on Instagram which gives you a wider and dynamic range of audience.

Post At the Right Time: After going through your insights, choose the right time to post, when the engagement in your account is at its peak. This will help your post to be seen by more people and not get lost in the feed.

Instagram holds a great amount of potential to grow a business in today’s world. Companies and Brands are now more inclined towards online marketing over offline as the majority of people use social media platforms to interact. Moreover, online marketing does not restrict you to a geographical area but helps you to grow worldwide.

Instagram is no doubt the perfect platform if you want to start or establish your business. It adds value to your company as well as gains recognition through your content. Consumers can easily interact with the company through social media which makes it easier for companies to get quick feedback.

If you find all this way too much to manage, we at Epigroww are here to help you create and optimize your social media presence and let you do what you are good at, running and developing your business. Our team of professional marketers would work with you in devising Marketing Strategies and Creating your Online Presence from websites to running advertisements to providing organic growth to your Businesses’ Social Media profiles.

Apart from this Article, If you are truly into Instagram Marketing, then I will recommend going through some more blogs that will help further Understand Instagram.

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