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Content creation is a major and important factor for the Marketing Field. In this technological era, brands or businesses cannot create or sustain the market of their products without Strategical Marketing for the Digital World. And any digital marketing strategy is ineffective without using Content Marketing. Content Marketing creates your Sales Funnel’s top portion covering the important aspect of Brand awareness which is used to generate and convert leads for any product or service. Using content to market products/services requires content to begin with, which in turn creates a high demand for Content Writing Specialists who can create the right content as per the need of the client. Content Writing has been a full-time profession for many in recent times due to the demand for content creation. Everything displayed in the digital world, and I would emphasize the word everything, is Content. From product descriptions to blogs and articles, website content to research papers, and even the immensely important social media, content is requisite.

Several people are self-proclaimed Content Writers or  Content Creators mentioning the same in their Instagram and Facebook Bios. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they are actual Content Marketing specialists. Content Marketing, like any other profession, requires skills, dedication, constant efforts, and most importantly keeping your mind open to new things- ready to learn and unlearn. People in good numbers are willing to become Content Writer and even start writing content as a part-time hobby as well. Internships are conducted for the same, projects are assigned, and a lot of activity is happening in the Content Writing sector. We all know how Blogging has become a full-time profession for many across the world. E-books are sold in thousands and even millions sometimes. Websites are designed, updated almost every day, and of course, social media is utilized in one way or another via content marketing. Writing Content is not just about blogs, or stories, or descriptive stories, even the five-word content for a tweet is content, it just requires to be perfect in spreading the right message to the audience. Having a good eye to read what’s suitable for you and editing as per the desired result is the basic footstones of creating The Perfect Content. The process of Content Writing includes Researching and Editing to get the results. Researching the correct sources, compiling them together, and editing the content to give the right shape to your content makes the desired Content.

Content Creation – Researching

Coming to simplifying the whole process of creating the right content for your desired outcome, I have broken down the process into 2 parts. The first part of Researching has 3 simple steps, i.e. The What, The Where & The Why-

  1. The What- The first step to start the perfect research is deciding What you need to know about, or want others to know. Defining your niche or sector is the first thing you have to clear your mind about. And then think about the particular topic you wish to write about. Another way of deciding your What is to categorize and decide what you want your audience to feel after reading the content. This helps you do targeted and specific research without getting lost in the vast ocean of information. So the moment you sit, to begin your research, ask primarily What I am going to write? and continue further.
  • The Where- Secondly, try to surf the internet or slide pages of a book(s) related to your What and/or related to your required topic or niche.You’ll get the sources to find your target niche and list them out. This list can always stay with you to guide you wherever and whenever you require anything on that particular topic. Now here’s a trick! You don’t need to read everything given on these sources listed out, you just need to know that this is Where my what is! The list will enable you to compile the websites or books related to a particular topic, and you can easily seek it whenever required. And remember, to follow the steps in sequence, and find The Where only after deciding The What.
  • The Why- Now comes the step when your content would start taking shape. Every time you sit down to create the perfect content for a particular topic, think Why would the reader of this content like it, or Why would someone read this piece of knowledge. The moment you get clear about the Why, you are on the right path of making the “perfect” content as you desired. The clarity and the imaginative idea of finding a reason for the readers to be interested in your content will enable you to filter out the undesired content from the sources, and you will finally start with compiling, and editing.

Remember, before we go ahead with the process of compiling and editing, all the steps of Researching are mental and require more clearing of thoughts in your mind and focusing on the specific work right in your mind before actually doing it!

Content Creation – Editing

Once you have finished researching your concepts, you have to compile all the content you have filtered out in one place following the above steps. Compiling is a small but necessary step in Content Creation. It requires you to manually collect and accumulate the data in one place in the sequence. Collecting the filtered data in sequence helps you to look at the content you have collected as a whole and shapes the narrative or story you want to share. The sequence can later be changed, but following the above steps, you have to have collected every information you deem fit for your content in one place. This step of compiling is followed by a more active part of the content, i.e the editing.

The Editing process is also divided into 3 simple steps to get the desired outcome of your content. As lawyers, while preparing for your written submission, and your arguments, these steps are a must for you. You need to firmly believe that you are going to reshape someone’s lives, which eventually you would be, whether you get the best outcome or the worst outcome of your efforts, the result would be impacting your clients’ lives. Even if you are a judge or aim to be one, and you don’t use these steps, you shall never be able to deliver the righteous judgments you are supposed to, where the perspective shall shift to the law of the land instead of the client’s best interests. The steps can be easy to remember by using this quote- Brands Reshape Lives” where the B, the R, and the L in the process of content creation stand for Build a story, Refilter data, and Lesson audience learn. The quote “Brands Reshape Lives” is here to make it easy to memorize the steps of editing your content. The steps are explained here-

  1. Build a Story- Create a narrative by building a story of the content you want to share. Write down the headings of the story, and try keeping in a connected and engaging manner. Your story or your narrative is what makes you unique. People will know you only by your own view of things. You cannot copy other’s narratives or stories since they explain their perspective. There is so much happening and had already happening, and each happening has its own vast knowledge of the subject, that it is impossible to not have many perspectives on the same issue or topic. Having a neutral viewpoint is also a perspective. It is for you to decide what narrative you want to express to your audience and what story you are creating from that narrative. Here, writing down the headings initially and building your story around is the key. And if you have rightly followed the steps explained above, you shall immediately be able to create your own story.
  • Refilter Data- Once you build your story, you now need to refilter the compiled data that fits your story. The then useful content when you were researching about it might not suit or fit in the story or narrative you are creating. This shall leave you much lesser data to work on. And you can fit the data in the headings of your story as well(if you have followed the first step). Refiltering compiled data shall give you a better insight into the shape your story is taking, and you can keep repeating the process until you get the best or the only data required for your content. The key is to keep repeating the process of refiltering data until you get your story shaped.
  • Lesson audience learns-  This step gives you the perfect content required for your target. When you have given a substantial shape to your story or narrative, you can think deeply about the audience’s lessons. The trick is to become a reader or audience yourself and think about what I am learning from this, and then you might make suitable changes. Remember if you are not able to provide teaching or lesson to your audience, then you are going wrong in the whole process. The lesson might be even of a laugh or smile or a sense of connection or a feeling of peace, but it must be there. The key is to connect the What of researching process here and apply. If your what was entertainment, then it’s excitement or laughs here, if your what was romance, then it’s feeling of love here, if your what was a piece of particular news, then it’s getting updated about that information, and this applies everywhere. There should always something your reader or viewer be getting out of your content.

This has been the process of creating the right content for every great creator. The simple steps, the processes, and all the breakdown of steps given above might seem long and cumbersome to apply. But actually, all these processes and their simplifications in detail go smooth and free in and a lot faster than you might think right now once you get used to it since most of these are processes are mental and completed in the mind only. All you need to do is to complete these processes in your mind and make it habitual of following them. Then your mind shall work automatically in the same manner described above once you start using it for a few initial days.

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