Pride Month 2021 – Origins and Significance

The Month of June is celebrated as the ‘Gay Pride Month‘ in many parts of the world. This month is primarily celebrated to commemorate the discrimination and ostracization the LGBTQ community has faced. The whole month of June is dedicated and planned for get-togethers and nationwide parades, dedicated towards the LGBTQ community.

Origins of the Pride Month

Pride Month

The History of the Pride Month has its root in the Stonewall uprising of 1969, these were sporadic demonstrations done without preparations by the LGBTQ Community in and around New York. These Demonstrations were in response to the Police Raid at Stonewall Inn on 28th June 1969. The Inn had quite a great past when it came to Gay People, it was one of the very few people to allow Gay to Dance, drink, and enjoy.

The sixties in USA were marked by anti-Vietnam War protests and there was an increasing dislike towards the unconventional people of the society. Therefore it was obvious that the Gay and Lesbian members of the society were marginalized and discriminated. The Inn provided a safe-heaven to the LGBTQ Community.

But Gay Bars and places where they made public habitations were usually raided and owners of those places were harassed. This is what happened to the Inn when it was raided and 13 people were arrested. The raid caused anger among the LGBTQ community and many members started gathering around the Inn. Soon the situation went out of hand and it turned out to be a 5 day riots. People were manhandled by the police and were hit. This led to Activism by the LGBTQ Community.

Significance of the Pride Month

Therefore the Stonewall uprising marks an important event for the History of Gay liberation movement. President Barack Obama declared the Stonewall Inn a national Movement. 28th June, 1970 marks the beginning of the first Pride Parade by the LGBTQ Community.

Various US presidents have time and again accepted and even endorsed Pride Month. But it was in 1999 that the first Official Pride Month was declared by President Bill Clinton.

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