Learn how the Gen Z and Millenials responded to the Lockdown: Godrej Survey.

The Pandemic has taken a toll on the lifestyles and habits of the consumer population. With Consumers now taking shifts ranging from environmental concerns to adopting altruism, Brands need to more conscious of their message and the ecological and psychological impact their products create. A Godrej Survey named Little Things we do highlight how the Population responded to the National Lockdown.

Consumer Trends

Godrej Survey

The survey reported that the majority of the Gen X population (59%) aged between 45 and above, and the Gen Z population (53%) aged between 18 and 24 responded via altruism, distributing sanitizers, food packets, old clothes, and medicines.

A majority of the Millenials (54%) aged between 24 and 34 made environmentally conscious actions their top priority, they were also found the most conscious where they focussed on planting trees at home, being energy consumption conscious, and of the environmental impact, their purchase decisions make.

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