Volkswagen’s Campaign titled ‘The Last Mile’ showcases the classic style of Beetle.

The Volkswagen’s Campaign The Last Mile ” gave a Tribute to the Classic and unforgettable ‘Volkswagen’s Beetle.

Volkswagen's Campaign

Every Person who has owned a Beetle in their lifetime, This Volkswagen’s Campaign is for you to remember the classic and memorable moments of this beautiful car which had a strong bond connected with you for past years. In this Campaign you could see an animated clip which will surely hit you with emotions.

This Volkswagen’s Campaign Captures the essence of the Beetle and all the memories it has shared with us throughout the years. The Video Clip is so heart-warming and when paired with the illustrative design, creates an attractive and entertaining experience for viewers.

Volkswagen made this Ad Campaign special through its meaningful content and build a strong relationship with their audience.

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