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6 Hacks to Create an email subscribers list in two months.

Collecting emails is considered as one of the most tedious and challenging task for any Business. Businesses often find it unnecessary to collect email but one needs to understand the importance of email marketing and can leverage email marketing to grow your Business manifold times. Here I will share 5 hacks to boost up your email subscribers list authentically.

  1. E books and Pdfs: Nothing in this world is free and everything comes at a cost. Therefore in order to collect emails one needs to give something and enable our customers to an advantage. Giving out E books and pdfs regarding certain topics is a healthy way to collect emails of your visitors.
  2. Start a blog: Though starting a blog seems tedious, one can never truly imagine the benefits of starting a blog on your niche and create a community of avid readers. You can collect emails via newsletters and subscription forms.
  3. Reports and analysis: What does a potential customer or a client looking for Services needs? He needs to grow his business or might want to buy something. For a client looking for services, you can provide a free site audit report for an audit report of the social media handles or the content. This is will enable the trust and also increase the capability of your product or service to a particular client. In exchange you can get an email which will of high potential use. Similarly for Ecommerce one can help in decision making of products in order to get the email.
  4. Quizzes: People love knowing about their area of business and explore new fields online related to business. Therefore if you teach them about their Business and make them learn via quizzes, they will willingly do so and in this way one can collect emails to deliver them detailed results of their solutions.
  5. Webinars: People love webinars and it is the way through which they can interact and learn. Therefore collecting emails via free webinars is one of the easiest and coolest thing. Webinars not only help you in getting emails but also help in your personal branding.
  6. Giveaways: Everyone has heard of giveaways and it is a thing which every community might have witnessed. Similar to Webinars Giveaways help you in building your email lists as well in your Brand popularity. Giveaways can be small as well as big, it can be any basic stuff which might be of great usage to your site visitors.

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